One of the nice things about QDL is that registered users can define their own styles (background color/image, text color, font and point size, etc.), and they can even customize their navbars. For most web authors this is nice as well, because they'd rather not have to fiddle with fonts, colors, and navbars.
But webmasters take it for granted that they have to control every aspect of the appearance of the material they are posting to the Internet. Especially if they already have sites set up, which were designed for specific fonts and point sizes, and complete with their own navbars, the same material if submitted to QDL wouldn't look right (especially with 2 navbars — one associated with the reader's QDL account and the other as part of the author's page). The proper presentation of such material requires that the authors have total control over everything inside the browser window.
To service this need, a registered account can be configured to allow anonymous, read-only access to the Sandbox, using the layout and style of that account. This is not for somebody who expects to keep the contents of her Sandbox private, but rather, for somebody who wants to log in, configure the navbar the way she wants it, set the style, and author material that she wants the whole world to see. (If she wants to maintain private material in QDL, she should set up a different account just for that.)

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