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Is there an easy, quick way to go to the original root directory of a page on this website?*18300

I'm learning to copy and paste links. I pasted a link to my Blog and a link to this area (Public Discussions) into my Sandbox. The root directory to this page from my Sandbox is now:

QDL / My... / Sandbox / Public Discussions

The root directory I'd like to be able to go to easily for the original page is:

When I click on Public Discussions, is there or could there be an option for getting the Original Route? Also, if the page is copied in several places, more than two, on this site, could there be an option for getting any of those Alternate Routes? The reason this seems to be potentially helpful is that I could then click on any of the parts of the other routes (root directories) to get to those pages quickly. Like, if I'm in the Sandbox and wanted to go to the original Public Discussions page directory, I could then go to the Science Improvement Team Space (SITS) page, in case I wanted to go to another subpage there.

Did I explain my question well enough?

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