EBS Tenets (by the SelectSmart Criteria)
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  • Belief in Deity
    • God is natural law, which comes to us in the form of information, knowledge, understanding, and (ultimately) wisdom. God can then be personified as a teacher, though the particular personality that one imagines isn't specified, and can vary depending on the circumstances. The personification is not God — it's just a convenience, and only the underlying natural law constitutes the essence of God.
  • Incarnations
    • God is in all things, and all things are just different aspects of God, while only cognitive beings are capable of knowing God.
  • Origin of Universe and Life
    • Don't know and don't care. If we can't find truth in the here and now, we shouldn't bother looking for it long ago and far away.
  • After Death
    • We live on, in the only meaningful way possible — in spirit — by the way we influence people while we are alive. Heaven is fame, while hell is infamy.
  • Why evil?
    • Evil is not a metaphysical essence, nor is goodness for that matter. Good and bad are relative to the perspective of the observer, while there are greater goods (and bads) from the perspective of society, and it's useful to develop commonly accepted definitions of good and evil, to facilitate a more concerted effort at pursuing the greater good and/or avoiding the greater bad.
  • Salvation
    • There are no gimmicks for getting saved — only through good works can one live on as a positive spirit that brings joy to all of its new hosts.
  • Undeserved Suffering
    • When one is doing good work, pain goes away. Suffering exists to punish those who do not understand this, and it's up to everybody to alleviate their own suffering, by living a life of purpose.
    • Beyond that, a righteous society will mitigate the suffering caused by chance calamities.
  • Contemporary Issues
    • Abortion
      • Raising children should be considered a social responsibility, not the result of an act of impulsiveness. If the parents will not be able to provide a healthy, loving environment for the children, the pregnancies should be aborted, or the babies should be given up for adoption. The welfare of the children should always be the determining factor, since they cannot argue on their own behalf.
    • Divorce
      • Parents with children should only separate after all attempts at reconciliation have been made, and if it is in the best interest of the children that the parents separate. Couples without children should be free to do whatever they want.
    • Sexual Preference
      • This isn't a religious issue, since one's personal relationship with God is more fundamental that one's relationship with any human being.

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