On the Solar Origin of Cosmic Radiation
Type:    Journal, Article
Title:    On the Solar Origin of Cosmic Radiation
Author(s):    Alfvén, H.
Date:    1949/06/01
Abstract:    The idea proposed by Teller and Richtmyer that the cosmic radiation is a local solar phenomenon is developed. It is shown that motion of interstellar matter is likely to amplify a primary interstellar magnetic field up to the value of the order 10^−5 gauss postulated by Richtmyer and Teller. According to an earlier suggestion, magnetic storm variations of cosmic radiation are due to electric fields set up within the solar system by the storm-producing beams. It is shown that the long-time effect of the same mechanism may account for the generation of cosmic radiation. It is of special interest that there seems to be some hope to derive theoretically the observational energy spectrum.
Journal (full):    Physics Reviews
Volume:    75
Issue:    11
Start Page:    1732
Link:    http://journals.aps.org/pr/abstract/10.1103/PhysRev.75.1732

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