Explosive-driven shock waves in argon
Type:    Conference Proceeding
Title:    Explosive-driven shock waves in argon
Author(s):    Davis, W. C.; Salyer, T. R.; Jackson, S. I.; Aslam, T. D.
Date:    2006/06/30
Abstract:    Strong shock waves propagating in argon gas exhibit a variety of precursor effects. The main shock wave appears to be unstable and supports perturbations ahead of it that are fed by radiation or other energy from the main front. Confining walls oriented parallel to the shock motion absorb radiation from the shock front and produce a heated region near the wall that supports perturbations consisting of oblique shock waves, which precede the main shock. A bright region exists where the oblique and main shocks intersect due to elevated temperatures from shock focusing. Perturbations in the form of small floating drops are also found to propagate ahead of the main shock. Wires with their long axis in the direction of the flow also support a hot thermal boundary layer, causing a shock wave to run far ahead of the main shock in a similar fashion to the oblique shocks on the confining walls. These precursor effects are presented and discussed.
Journal (full):    Proceedings of the 13th International Detonation Symposium
Start Page:    1035
End Page:    1044
Link:    http://public.lanl.gov/sjackson/papers/2006-Davis-DetSymp-precursorIDS119.pdf

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