There's more to it than that — one of the essential ingredients of a religion is its support for parental transferral. We all want to think that we still have a mommy and daddy, and these were forceful authorities.
Parental transferral is a powerful force. But EBS is making no attempt to construct a religion just from what people want to believe. Rather, we're pursuing the truth. Of course, everybody wants to know the truth, because it makes a better friend than enemy. So all roads eventually lead to the truth. But along the way, we can get side-tracked by what we would prefer to believe at the time. A lot of people in western society seem to think that this is the active ingredient in religion. We consider this to be a heckuva reflection on the shallow and manipulative nature of religion in the West — people have come to expect religions to be manipulative. The success of religious scams in the West is further proof of how spiritually malnourished people are, and how accustomed they have become to getting swindled. But that isn't what we are doing, and no, we're not going to alter the theology to take advantage of people's need for something to look up to, when their parents are no longer there for them. For there to be a rock-solid foundation for EBS, we can't make metaphysical errors, and if there is not actually any discrete entity up in the sky, looking down on us, approvingly or not, and ready to reward/punish us if we are good/bad, we're not going to inject this into the theology because it would be so convenient if it were true. Rather, we'll stick to an ontology that is true, and as concerns things like parental transferral, we'll acknowledge the need, and suggest that people form social institutions (such as governments) that are righteous, and which will better fulfill the need anyway. After all, a good leader is a more tangible extended parent, who very definitely has the ability to reward/punish us when we are good/bad, than an imaginary deity who does not reproducibly respond to our prayers.

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