We have been asked what it takes to "practice" this belief system. Some systems have a set of rituals that must be performed on a regular basis, which constitute the "practice" of the beliefs, separate and distinct from one's behavior outside of the temple. EBS is the opposite in that respect, considering conduct to be the only true measure of beliefs. Still, it's useful to dedicate time on a regular basis just for spiritual enrichment, including reading, discussing, or just thinking about philosophy and/or theology. As much as an hour a day during the week, and a solid block of several hours on the weekend, is sufficient for most people — more than that takes too much away from daily living, and that would defeat the purpose. But we do believe that even (or especially) during the busiest days, a few minutes in the morning and in the evening must be set aside for spiritual reflection, if we are to have a chance at remembering what it's all about anyway. So we've included a few prayers that can be said, as simple reminders of some of the central themes in EBS. We have also included a few things from other sources that we find inspiring.
Here are some things from some other sources that we find to be particularly meaningful.

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