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Lloyd's Braggerts

by LongtimeAirman » Sat May 17, 2014 7:14 pm. Slightly changed double posting.

I grew up in the project, 12th floor, in da sout Bronx. A proud product of the NY Public School System, I drew, and played chess and got along fine with some very intelligent kids. 

I enlisted in the AF, and got married in 74. I'm still in, as a Civil Eng. I'm also Opa for several grandkids. I don't feel I can speak to any job related work that I've done. There really was nothing remarkable, but I was selected for radar, and enjoyed full electronics training they just don't give anymore. I have a BS and MS in EE, but I've forgotten more than enough to make me cry. 

I always wanted to become a wise old physics professor. I finally found a physics I can believe in and fight for. 

I make original stained glass "sculptures" so valuable I cannot sell them, but must give them away. 

I know nothing of science except the ideal. The Scientific Process of observation, prediction and peer review. Who can say what it is now?I like being around you folk. It feels like I'm still at school. 


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