Photons through Protons. Entered at TB.
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Re: Miles Mathis and his Charge Field

Post by LongtimeAirman » Sun May 18, 2014 8:36 am

I'm slowly working through the following

On one hand, I imagine space, where photons are spinning motes immensely smaller than dust, light-speeding in all directions at once. Yet the photons, being so small, rarely impact one another.

Yet photons do meet photons. Within and about atomic matter photons flow like the sands through an hourglass where pinched photon paths within protons resemble sinuous files. The proton's dense, permeable mass is comprised of photons. All of matter is recycling photons all the time.

But how can that be! Photons cannot possibly pass through protons at light speed, at least not in the linear direction. It seems the spin is diminished as well. There is energy transfer within the proton nucleus. So are photons traveling at less than light speed still light? Are all photons exiting a proton, bursting with light speed?

I believe that I'm focused on a koan.

The transition of photon to matter.

Most of the Charge Field passes by without notice.


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