How to Add to Our Library of Science Knowledge

The Library of Science Knowledge, LOSK, should contain:
1. an alphabetical list and a hierarchical outline list of facts
2. a list of theories and their authors under each fact
- Theories that are proven should be moved to the list of facts
- Theories that are disproven should be marked as disproven and explained

Everyone who registers on this website is welcome to submit papers or statements of fact and theory. Mark the beginning of each statement of fact with "F: " or something like that. If the statements seem to be truly factual and significant, we'll add them to the Library along with any relevant theories that you may like to include.

Reply if you have questions or comments.

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St. Louis area

Mark Fact & Theory. It may be simplest to go through existing data, such as at Wikipedia, and mark which statements are fact and which are mere theory.

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