Science Logic Tree (in Ascending Order)

We're attempting to start building on this site a Public Library of Science Knowledge, which would include only Proven Theories. The Logic Tree is meant to serve as an index in which to post Proven Theories. Unproven and Disproven Theories would go into separate sections of the Library and could be used for additional resources.

This Logic Tree is organized somewhat by orders of magnitude going from the whole, the universe, down to the smallest known components. It is undoubtedly incomplete and probably somewhat inaccurate and in need of correction.

Science Logic Tree / Outline '1': top priority; '2': 2nd priority

1. Universe components =
consciousness +space +time +photons
2. Universe forms
galaxy clusters +intergalactic cluster filaments +voids
3a. Galaxy clusters '2' =
galaxies +intergalactic filaments
3b. Filaments
star systems +neutral +charged regions
3c. Voids
space +time +sparse photons
4. Galaxies '2' =
star clusters +star systems +nebulae +exotic systems +novae +neutral +charged regions.
Explosions '2'

Collisions '2'

Discharges '1'

5a. Neutral regions
mostly neutral hydrogen
5b. Charged regions
mostly ionized hydrogen
5c. Nebulae
star systems +exotic systems +interstellar media
5d. Novae
exploding and condensing stars
5e. Exotic systems
fast-rotation exotic stars +stars systems(?) +interstellar media
5f. Star clusters
slow-rotation stars +interstellar media
5g. Star systems
slow-rotation stars +planetoidals +interplanetary media +plasmaspheres
6a. Exotic stars '2' =
Kinds: black holes, quasars, BL-Lacs, pulsars, white dwarfs and Cepheids
6b. Stars '1'
CFDLs +photospheres +atmospheres +stellar wind
6b. Stars '1' =
Kinds: blue giants, main seq, dwarfs
7. Planetoidals
Kinds: planetary systems, asteroid belts, meteor streams and comets
8a. Asteroid belts
asteroids +orbitals
8b. Comets
asteroids +ellipticorbitals
8c. Meteor streams
comets +meteors +ellipticorbitals
8d. Planetary systems
gas giants +rocky planets +moons +moonlets +intraplanetary media
9a. Planets +moons '2' =
CFDLs +atmospheres +plasmaspheres
9b. Earth '1' =
aesthenosphere +hydrosphere +biosphere +atmosphere +plasmasphere
10. Biosphere
medium +plant kingdom +animal kingdom +unicell kingdom +human society
11a. Medium
12. substances / 13. molecules +atoms +ions / 14. particles / 15. photons
11b. Human society
humans +tools +interhuman relations
12. Human
body +higher consciousness
13a. Body
musculoskeletal +nervous +respiratory +digestive +circulatory +reproductive systems
13b. Higher consciousness =
photons = conscious +subconscious
14a. Conscious
perception +thought +emotion +caring
14b. Subconscious
memory +will

Science Library Priority Disciplines
The Disciplines most in need of repair and that may do the most good are seemingly the studies of:
1. Earth, the Sun, Discharges,
2. Planets, Moons, Exotics, Collisions, Galaxies, Galactic Clusters, Explosions

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