Jahwist Source
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  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jahwist
  • Was probably by a man, but not necessarily a priest, and maybe even by a woman, in Judah, .
  • By Friedman's attributions, the Jahwist texts don't mention the Levites, the Plagues, the Tabernacle, or circumcision. (See the Richard Friedman Interview.)
  • By Wellhausen's attributions, the Jahwist texts do mention circumcision (see Gen. 34) and the Plagues.
  • The Jahwist texts portray God as having human form, which was typical of the faiths prior to Atenism, in which gods were like rulers — capable of anger, error, and corruption. The Elohist tradition was more like Atenism, in that God was more abstract, and while capable of assuming a human form, God is everything.
  • Favored Aaron over Moses.
  • Talks about Mount Sinai, instead of Mount Horeb.

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