Basical Galactic Types and Motions
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The questions of inwards and outwards going motions in galaxies are very important indeed and of course all kind of dynamics are involved - except from gravity.

In my opinion, galaxies can be described in 2 basical types:

1) Spiral galaxies with tight spindled arms and a high luminous center and an overall/actual inwards turning motion.

2) Barred galaxies with open spindled arms and lesser luminous center and an overall/actual outgoing turning motion.

If looking at Figure 12. NGC 1300, it is very obvious that there cannot be talking of an overall visible inwards motion from the galactic surroundings and into the center. It is impossible for matter out in this galaxy to make a 90 degree turn from the galactic arms into the bars and further into the center, as assumed be the gravity conventional ideas.

This galaxy is obviously rotating clockwise with an outgoing motion from the center, out in the bars and further out in the galactic arms, thus confirming the observed galactic rotation graph where everything is pushed out with a certain velocity from the galactic center and therefore also orbit the center with equal velocity.

Regardingless of the dynamics involved, we have to talk of "natural cycles of formation" which takes place via an infolding contractive motion and an outfolding expulsive motion, which the 2 main types of galaxies above describes together. Where we have cycles of formation, we also have a fluent motion in a circuit and therefore there´s no specific location of gravitational mass at all, just energy flows in circuits.


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