QDL Developer's Notice: Enhanced Alert System
Hey Folks!
In an ongoing effort to implement high-class features that make QDL more powerful than other systems, without compromising ease-of-use, the alert system has been enhanced. Now you'll no longer receive an individual alert every time a watched topic is modified. Rather, information about the modification will simply be appended to the same alert. The updated alert will reappear at the top of the screen, until you open and close it.
After closing an alert, you can still get to it by going to your QDL / My... / Messages / Received folder. In the future, that folder will only contain one message per watched topic, instead of one message per modification.
Insofar as your Received folders might already be full of the earlier, more verbose alerts, you can easily clear those out:
  1. Navigate to the QDL / My... / Messages / Received folder.
  2. Click the Action Menu icon (), and select one of the Edit options ().
  3. Delete all of the links to the old alerts.
  4. Click Submit.
When watched topics are modified, the alerts in the new format will reappear in this folder, but you can just leave them there for future reference.
If you have any questions, send me a message, or post something into the QDL / Forums / QDL Itself forum.
Regards to all,

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