QDL Developer's Notice: Default Settings

Hey Folks!

A user called my attention to the fact that some of the Settings should have more appropriate default values for new users. She was right, so I updated the defaults, and retroactively, I modified the Settings for anybody who hadn't already changed them.

There was one change to the Style that affects the editor screen — now you'll see a display of who has rights to the post that you're editing.

The other changes were to the Alerts. Now you'll receive a private message if anybody edits, adds to, or cuts one of your posts, or modifies any of your watched posts (such as threads on which you have been active). As always, private messages (such as this one) will appear on the top line, until you open them and close them again, after which they disappear from the top line, and can only be found thereafter in your QDL / My... / Messages / Received folder. You will also receive an email if anybody sends you a private message (other than the system-generated messages mentioned above).

If you don't like any of these settings, you can always change them by going to QDL / My... / Settings.



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