The Expanding Earth Hypothesis explains the close global fit of the continents, as well as adjacencies in the fossil record.
  • All Megaflora and Megafauna are explained not just dinosaurs.
  • The slowing of Earth's rotation.
  • Far larger abundance of known and observed diverging plate boundaries compared to assumed and hidden converging boundaries.
  • Refilling of deep oil reserves.
  • Free hydrogen and water found in Kola borehole.
  • Trans-Pacific disjunctions of extant and extinct species.1
  • The continuous mass increases of the standard kilograms. (See Stability of the international prototype kilogram) "Mass drift over time of national prototypes K21–K40, plus two of the IPK's sister copies: K32 and K8(41).[Note 10] All mass changes are relative to the IPK. The initial 1889 starting-value offsets relative to the IPK have been nulled.[31] The above are all relative measurements; no historical mass-measurement data is available to determine which of the prototypes has been most stable relative to an invariant of nature. There is the distinct possibility that all the prototypes gained mass over 100 years and that K21, K35, K40, and the IPK simply gained less than the others.


1. Zhengyi, W. (1983): On the Significance of Pacific Intercontinental Discontinuity. Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden, 70 (4): 577-590

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