The Outline Form for Catastrophism Team Workspace Requires Re-organization
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Hello to Developers and Administrators of this QDL,

Due to my discussions within the outline for this subject workspace, the outline has become very messy. Can the outline appearance be restored by changing the order and deleting or moving extraneous discussions. Also, one article has appeared twice.

The order under Catastrophism Team Workspace should appear as:

1. Younger Dryas Impact 12,900 BP

2. Younger Dryas Impact

3. Younger Dryas Complicated by Other Major Factors

4. The Dwarf Star that Orbits Our Sun

5. A Brief History of Mankind's Chaotic Past

     a. Addendum #1: Determinining Slippage of Earth's Mantle

     b. Addendum #2: New Interpretation of Archetypes for Symbols in the Ancient Skies

Is QDL capable of re-arranging or fixing the outline intent?


Thank you for your patience,

Spaceship Rider

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