Cardona's Saturn Theory
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This is from the TB forum thread: Cardona Interview on Saturn Theory
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This is my combination summary of Cardona's Saturn Theory with Jueneman's Addendum and Gilligan's Update. Cardona Interview on Saturn Theory at http://www.thunderbolts.info/forum/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=1~

Chronological Outline of Cardona's Saturn Theory

Phase 1:
Saturn System Formation:
Saturn formed in the Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy as a Brown Dwarf Star; it was alone in space [as far as we know so far] with a Circumstellar Disk, Bipolar Jets and an invisible Plasmasphere

Phase 2:
Numerous Saturn Flare-up cycles
Each cycle involved:
a) a Saturn Flare-up, similar to solar flares, but much more powerful; the flare-ups resulted from Saturn's plasmasphere encountering other stellar plasmaspheres, while moving from the Sagittarius Galaxy to the Milky Way;
b) a possible Rocky Planet/Satellite Ejection [possibly forming Earth, Mars, Mercury, & other Satellites, as many as one per cycle];
c) Deposition of Saturn Flare Dust, Petroleum, Water etc on Satellite Planets, i.e. on Mars, Earth, and other Saturn moons;
d) Melting of Earth's Temperate Zone Glaciers and Filling of Oceans;
e) a Long Quiet Interim;
f) New Saturn Disk Formation, Resumption of Saturn's Bipolar Jets & New Glacier Formation on Earth.
g) Temperate Zone Glaciation occurred, again removing most of the water from the Oceans [the Bipolar Jets, also called the Polar Column, removed some of the ocean waters.]

Phases 3 & 4:
Pre-human Saturn Flare-up cycles [possibly forming more Saturn satellites]
Continental Drift without subduction, due to flare-up braking Earth's rotation and Earth's crust sliding over its Moho layer [possibly part of some Flare-up cycles, with continents moving farther apart during several flare-up cycles] and possible Earth Expansion & Contraction
Fred Jueneman's Addendum from http://www.thunderbolts.info/forum/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=4932&start=15#p56045
Earth Shape-Shifting - Earth, being in Saturn's plasma column, was squeezed magnetically, making it oval-shaped. When the squeezing effect relaxed, probably several times, Earth returned to sphere-shaped, causing Continental Drift and evidence of expansion.

Phase 5:
Appearance of Humans

Phase 6:
Post-human Saturn Flare-up cycles [possibly forming Titan, etc.]

Phase 7: ~10,000 yrs ago:
Saturn's Last Flare-up: [possibly forming Venus]
This was the final Saturn Flare-up, which occurred during the Saturn System's entry into the Solar System, which ended the prior Age of Darkness; immediately after the flare-up, the Sun, Venus, Mars and possibly some of Saturn's other smaller moons first became visible [Venus may have been ejected, or birthed, from Saturn during the flare-up; the Sun appeared at first as a small star and no other stars were visible]

Phase 8: ~10,000 - 4,500 yrs ago:
Dawn of Civilization:
Beginning of Human Religion & Pre-history, also called Mythology, and of Civilization, with worship and imitation of Saturn

Phase 9: ~4,500 yrs ago:
Saturn System breakup:
Saturn & Jupiter clashed near the inner Asteroid Belt; Venus appeared as a comet; Venus & Mars clashed; the Moon arrived in Earth's orbit; Mars & Moon perhaps clashed; the Stars first became visible after the breakup; the Great Flood, Noah's Flood, occurred then, when Saturn's polar column to Earth was severed

Phase 10: 4,500 yrs ago to present:
Post-Saturn Stabilization:
Planets settled into their present orbits; Beginning of Recorded History

Gary Gilligan's Update (from http://www.gks.uk.com/about/)
Moon arrived 3,200 yrs ago
Venus & Mars approached Earth 3,000 yrs ago
Venus acted as a Comet 2,900 - 2,040 yrs ago
Mercury erupted from Mars between 2,600 & 2,700 yrs ago

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