God and Religion
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I sometimes think that the idea of God is an ocupational hazard , so to speak ,of coming from a spiecies where the young offspring have such along dependency ,(around 16years!) on their parents for protection and support. The young grow up , looking to their father in particular, for protection. In the childs eyes the father is all powerful ,all protective , loving, but also swift in retribution if the child does wrong . I think that realy that's all this god thing is about, the child grows up and is strongly imprinted with this, and when he reaches adulthood, and realises his father is not all protecting and all powerful , he doesn't want to lose that feeling of comfort and protection, so falls easy prey to religions which peddle the idea of god. All the visiting ET's who it seems were involved in most religions take full advantage of this as a way to contol and and manipulate.

 The question of Religion is very close to my heart, so close infact that I've started my own!!! I don't have many followers yet , but the idea is clear in my mind , and I've recently started putting it down in writing    http://hpanwoforum.freeforums.org/the-new-religion-t3954.html  ....

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