M82 Galaxy & Quasar Sizes

M82 Quasars


I used the image on the left to make the one on the right, so I could estimate the size of the quasars, compared to the siae of the galaxy, M82.

Mainstream authoritarian science claims that the quasars are much farther away than the galaxy, but the quasar in front of a galaxy proves otherwise. The assumption that redshift equates to distance is wrong. Redshift may equate to velocity, but the velocity may be measuring quasar jets, rather than the quasars themselves, as Charles Chandler theorizes. The quasars here measure about 24 diameters per 4 arcminutes, which is 6 diameters per arcminute. By looking up M82's short and long diameters, I can find the approximate diameter of the quasars.

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