x = yz
x = x
y = y
z = z
Physics is full of formulas, and tracking down the one that you need to solve a problem, and writing it up properly, is time-consuming. So this branch is a collection of just the formulas, to make it easy to find the one you need.
Each formula should be a post unto itself, so that it can be included in other posts. The formula post should have only the formula itself, and the definition of each of the terms. It should not include any sort of extended discussion, as not all of the people including that formula in their work are going to need that. So commentary should be in the parent post. If people want the original elaboration on how the formula works, they can always find the main parent of the formula table using the Action Menu.
The formula should use the "Formula Table" template (at right).
Where terms used in the formula are defined by their own formulas, these should be contained in separate posts, and merely linked into the term definition table. The reason is that these terms will be used in a lot of different formulas, and it's useful to keep the definitions consolidated. The same goes for constants.

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