List of Astronomy Forums
Here's a list of forums that was found on AstronomyOnline.org.
  • The Bad Astronomy and Universe Today Forum - this forum is probably the most active science related forum that I know of. Strict rules are in place to prevent "flaming" and posting of questionable material.
  • Slacker Astronomy Forum - this is a relatively new forum created and moderated by astronomers. Its goal is to demonstrate the lighter, humorous side of astronomy.
  • Astronomy Magazine Forum - Astronomy Magazine has their own forum. This popular magazine is a good source of material for amateur astronomers. I never visited the forums but I am certain the quality is quite good if the magazine is an indicator.
  • New to the forum games are the Meade4M Forums. Meade4M is a Meade sponsored community website.
  • Astronomy Discussion Forums - this forum, sponsored by Astronomy.net, is in a newsgroup layout so it may seem a but confusing. However, there are a wide variety of topics to choose from.
  • Milky Way Galaxy Discussion Forum - This forum seems new and it may or may not be up and running.
  • Little Black Dog - This is not a science forum, but I visit these forums often. They are a great bunch of people, many are very knowledgeable with computer hardware and software. You can discuss just about anything here.
Other forums include:

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