Major Trends, Good & Bad
© Lloyd

Overview of Major Trends

These are trends often discussed by various groups online and in society in general. The purpose of the list is to find the best evidence for each proposed trend and possible solutions for bad trends.

1. Bad Major Trends
1A. Fascist Police State
- War culture, terrorism, political corruption, police tech, drones, border security, qlobalization, prison industry
1B. Biosphere Destruction
- Corporate greed, agribiz, toxic tech
2. Neutral Major Trends
2A. Immortal Artificial Human Life
- Computerized human memory & consciousness, robot tech
2B. Space Colonization
- Space exploration and research, planetoid biospheres production
3. Good Major Trends
3A. Universal Cures
- Stem cell organ replacements, natural medicine
3B. Universal Siblinghood
- Internet communication, consensus concerns-based decision making

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