Ways of Finding the Truth
Type:    Electronic Citation
Title:    Ways of Finding the Truth
Author(s):    Strobel, N.
Date:    2007/06/01
  • Possible ways of knowing: testimony, authority, revelation, mystical visions, scientific method.
  • Observational experience is a crucial part of scientific knowledge.
  • The experience must be objective and communicable in public language.
  • Scientific theories must logically agree with known physical truths or well-established physical laws.
  • No matter how much logical deduction and mathematical analysis is used, the scientific theory must be checked against the real world to confirm the theory.
  • However, the exploration of the implications of a logical train of thought is a vital part of the scientific process.
  • The best ideas are those that enable us to make connections between rational theories and the physical world.
Link (full):    http://www.astronomynotes.com/scimethd/s6.htm

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