What are the implications of redshift?
  • Redshift = Distance?
    • We should also note that at least with respect to "tired light" (and possibly some of the aether theories), if the contention is that redshift is a subtle effect that can only amount to a measurable quantity over a great distance, then redshift still equals distance, not because velocity = distance as the BBT maintains, but because only over long distances can the proposed interactions relax the frequency.
  • Redshift = Age?
    • If redshift does equal distance (by whatever means), one of the implications is that redshift equals age, since the light that we're receiving is coming from far away, and traveling that distance took time. (This assumes that the speed of light is constant.)
    • The implication is that studying high redshift objects is a study of the early Universe, while low redshift data tells us about the present Universe. Differences in characteristics are then evidence of evolutionary processes (e.g., star formation).

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