Classification of Uranus
© Jeffrey J Wolynski

Uranus is a star that is in later stages of metamorphosis. It can be considered a blue dwarf or a green-blue dwarf. It is reaching the stages required for it to eventually host life, and could possibly hosting the beginnings of photo-synthesis in it's high atmosphere which gives it a greenish tint.

It is requried that the reader approach this issue with lots of doubt, as humanity has sent a total of "1" satellites to explore the objects that reside well beyond the bounds of the inner stars of our system.

With this star it has become evident that there is much more to humanities position in the universe than what the establishment can consider. If the beginnings of life have any origins, it is considered that its origins occur while a single individual star cools and combines the elements into molecules as they differentiate. This meaning that Uranus is a proto-Earth.

Revisions of this writing/grammar/correctedness will be considered as they appear, but leaving an object this massive, unexplored, unexplained and ignored is not in the best interest of science. It absolutely must fit somewhere in the larger picture.

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