Full Reference
This section contains a complete description of all of the functionality in QDL.
First are the features for navigating when logged into QDL.
expand postNavigating
In the QDL hierarchy, you can navigate to your folder, where you'll find all of your personalized settings.
expand postThe "My..." Folder
Then there are the features that allow you to add & edit posts. How these are accessed depends on which type of layout you're using.
In the Classic Layouts, you can only operate on one post at a time. There is a gear icon (Gear, Gear, Gear, or Gear) next to the title of each post, which can be clicked to access the functionality.
expand postAction Menu
In the Modern Layouts, you can select multiple posts, by checking the boxes next to the titles, and then choose the action to perform on those posts in the drop-down menu.
expand postDrop-down Menu

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