Here you can enter a report of a problem that you experienced when using QDL. Please provide as much information as is practical, including the exact steps necessary to reproduce the problem. Just identifying that there was a problem (e.g., "couldn't submit edits") isn't enough information to track it down.
Be sure to throw in a link to the relevant help page. This is our way of categorizing problems with different functional areas in QDL. This sounds like a nuisance, but it's not. If you're submitting a bug, you've already read the documentation, so you already know where that is. (The definition of a "bug" is that the software does not work as advertised. If you think that the software should work in a way other than how it's documented, it's not a bug — it's a feature request, which should be posted in the Wants & Wishes section.) If you think that you've actually found a bug, be sure to look at the Parents of that help page, to see if anybody has already reported it. If not, it's time to enter a bug report, so we can fix the problem for you.
Well-written bug reports will be rewarded with a free upgrade to the next higher-level account.

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