The Ancient Near East: History, Society and Economy
Type:    Book, Whole
Title:    The Ancient Near East: History, Society and Economy
Author(s):    Liverani, M.
Date:    2014
Abstract:    The Ancient Near East reveals three millennia of history (c. 3500 500 bc) in a single work. Liverani draws upon over 25 years worth of experience and this personal odyssey has enabled him to retrace the history of the peoples of the Ancient Near East. The history of the Sumerians, Hittites, Assyrians, Babylonians and more is meticulously detailed by one of the leading scholars of Assyriology. Utilizing research derived from the most recent archaeological finds, the text has been fully revised for this English edition and explores Liverani s current thinking on the history of the Ancient Near East. The rich and varied illustrations for each historical period, augmented by new images for this edition, provide insights into the material and textual sources for the Ancient Near East. Many highlight the ingenuity and technological prowess of the peoples in the Ancient East. Never before available in English, The Ancient Near East represents one of the greatest books ever written on the subject and is a must read for students who will not have had the chance to explore the depth of Liverani s scholarship."
Publisher:    Routledge
ISSN/ISBN/DOI:    9780415679060
Link:    https://books.google.com/books/about/The_Ancient_Near_East.html?id=FUVQYgEACAAJ

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