Image Link Too Long

Hi Charles. I pasted some images at and I want to copy the Iron image URL, but it's real long.*17618 Would it be worth providing a way to shorten the URLs onsite? Otherwise, I imaging I could find a website that can provide a short URL for that.

Oh, wait. I just tried to shorten the Iron image URL at Bit.do, but it's not a proper link. The URL copies as "" with a big line of letters and numbers after that. Would it be feasible to make that into a usable link?

I found a temporary solution is to use the link to that page of images, which is . I have 3 images pasted there side by side, so viewers will see all 3 images, which ain't too bad, but it would be nice to be able to show a specific image from such a list.

By the way, the word "Atoms" in the first line is a link, but it's hard for viewers to recognize that. Should the color be changed or should the word be underlined or something?*17624

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