The Dwarf Star that Orbits our Sun
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Hello to the Team,

I am proposing my own hypothesis for catastrophies occurring in our solar system and more importantly on Earth. Of course, it not only includes the cause of the Younger Dryas Period but other periods of calamity. I will call this particular proposal the "Dwarf Star, Nemesis Hypothesis". The story includes a brown or red dwarf star that orbits the Sun every 3600 years and passes through the inner solar system between Mars and Jupiter in the region of the Main Belt of asteroids near its perihelion. The 3600-year period comes from the ancient "sar" cycle of that length and from Zecharia Sitchin who popularized this orbital period length in his book, The Twelfth Planet. I do not accept all of Sitchin claims, but some of his ideas have caught hold of me. The dwarf star returns and brings different kinds of calamities to Earth depending on the magnetic activity of both stars at that time and the current alignment of orbital locations of both the Sun's planets and the planets of Nemesis. The history of Earth's calamities going back 20,000 years is studied to find proof of the "sar" cycle. Definite historical evidence does support this cycle along with certain aftermath periods caused by some major asteroid impacts to confuse the issue. The dwarf star during each passing disturbs the stable orbits of asteroids and creates highly inclined and elliptical orbitals - some of which come close and/or actually impact the Sun's planets.

I did not take my hypothesis too seriously until I ran across Talbott's "Symbols in the Alien Sky" and Thornhill's theory for massive, high energy plasma discharges on Mars and other solar system bodies. Bingo! Their ideas gave me the corroboration and impetus I needed to pursue my ideas further.

I can certainly expand on this little presentation. Is there any chance of inserting a 40 page document into this workspace?

By the way, I am not a doomsayer. My calculations show Nemesis currently receding and not returning until about 4900.


Have a nice orbit,


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