New Teams
To create a new team, click the Add Article button (below). The article should be written as the homepage for the team, so it should be titled appropriately, and it should include a brief mission statement. Within the limits of the Site Rules, the QDL administrators place no restrictions on the types of teams that can be formed. So if you want to create a team called "Senseless Off-Topic Jabber", that's OK, as long as the title and mission statement accurately describe what the team is actually doing.
Once you have created the homepage, you can start adding sub-folders to it, to contain the material relevant to your project(s). You can also paste links to whatever other articles and/or discussions are relevant, from anywhere in QDL (including other team folders, if there is overlap between their objectives and yours).
If you know how to create a QDL private group, you can do so, and paste a link into the homepage, so that people can see who the members of your team are. If not, you can just go to...
...and copy the names of the people you want to be in the group, and paste those names directly into the team homepage. Then, one of the QDL admins will create the private group for you. (Groups are useful for controlling the rights to articles — you can make it so that anybody in the group can edit the articles, but nobody outside the group can touch them. You can also have discussions and/or chats that are only visible to group members.)
For more info, see the Recommended Team Protocols.


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