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My name is Sebastian Glanzner and I'm a mechanical engineer from Germany. My daily job is the simulation of rubber-metal parts in wind turbines. I'm always in search for a better material model for the simulation of our rubber. 

As a hobby I'm very curious to learn how our universe works. Half a year ago I found Robert Distinti's youtube channel about his Ethereal Mechanics Theories https://www.youtube.com/rdistinti. This has changed my life, his theories and the insights helped get rid of the headaches I got from the "well established" physics. 

Two weeks ago I created the forum www.etherealmechanics.info to start discussions about Robert's Theories. Thanks to Lloyd I got to this site and I got into contact with more people who are also in search for the thruth.

I know a lot of you like the electric universe and I'm sure these and Robert's theories can benefit from each other.


Best regards,


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