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After I put answers under "Other", I had to retake the survey before it would show what questions I answered.

It never did accept my answer to #5.




1. All

2. Hard to find things and people's discussions

3. Having multiple chat rooms on a page for team conferences

4. Starting conferences that use advanced theory evaluation methods

5. Whatever each team prefers (they might like "place", "war room", "clubhouse", "joint", "assembly", "hall", "center", "nook", "cranny", "parlor" etc. Oh, wait, I forgot "hangout", "treehouse", "cathouse", "pigpen", "chickenhouse", "birdhouse", "cafe", "hideout", "cave", "den", "kitchen". Then there's "lobby", "happy farm", "jailhouse", "HQ", "loft", "anthill", "hive", "box", "pressure cooker", "boiler room", "pit", "abyss", "haven", "brain drain".) Science has to be creative.

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