MM & SIT Conferences
(SIT is the Science Improvement Team)
Possible MM/SIT Conference Dates
to do evaluations of MM's & related theories
ca 7/1, 8/1, 9/1, 10/1
          To Do
--- Make conference rules
--- Invite presenters, judges and forums
--- Prepare website

Chat Room Dates, Tentative
to have live discussion of ideas & maybe to make spontaneous proposals & agreements
SemiWeekly: Wed. 9pm ET, Sat. 1pm ET
          To Do
--- Invite forums

Conference Prep
MM's Main Points
(Comments are welcome for improving these statements.)
1. Newton's, Maxwell's & Coulomb Equations are Unified Field Equations containing the formulas for Gravity and the Electric & Magnetic Fields.
2. Photons have mass, radius & spin.
3. Charge is a repulsive force between particles due to their photon emission via photon recycling.
4. Protons emit the most charge photons; Neutrons emit over 60% as much; Electrons emit very little.
5. Photons can have straight spins, or stacked spins, starting with a torus spin around a surface point, then a perpendicular spherical spin around the torus surface point, etc.
6. Stacked spins are caused by photon collisions.
7. Photons with high level stacked spins become electrons; electrons with high level stacked spins produce protons & neutrons.
8. Protons and electrons receive photons polarly and emit them equatorially; neutrons receive and emit polarly.
9. Neutral atoms receive and recycle most of their emitted charge photons; ions emit most of their charge photons to other ions or to the ambient photon charge field.
10. Atoms beyond hydrogen are built in stars based on deuterium and double deuterium, which forms helium.
11. Gravity is caused by universal matter expansion, or by stacked spins of the universe.
12. The electric field is the photon charge field.
13. The magnetic field is the photon charge field with coherent spin.
14. Heat is a dense photon charge field.
15. Electricity is work done on a load by a conductor-guided photon charge field.
16. Radioactivity is radiation from breakage of unstable atoms.
17. Albedo is due to magnetic and electrical effects of the photon charge field.
18. Solar Wind is solar emission of ions repelled by the emitted photon charge field.
19. Atmosphere is buoyant gases and plasma in balance between gravity and the emitted photon charge field.
20. Plant nutrients are carried upward by the Earth's emitted photon charge field.

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