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I'm replying first to Chromium6's TB forum thread at http://thunderbolts.info/forum/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=15045

I posted the article above that the thread references, which I titled "Younger Dryas Impact Skeptics". And I posted just the data in the "YDI Skeptics Data" thread above.

The data Tables give dates of: 9,000-13,500 BP.

The data not in Tables give dates of: 10,000-16,000 BP

Since ocean floor sediments indicate that erosion has only been occurring for a few thousand years, the C14 dating could easily be off by several thousand years.

Since the former supercontinent likely had few if any mountain ranges and was likely near sea level, little erosion likely occurred.

Http://NewGeology.us shows that an asteroid likely hit the supercontinent, which broke up the supercontinent and caused rapid continental drift and formation of the mountain ranges. So erosion has been occurring mainly since the continents broke up and the mountains and high elevations formed.

Recorded history and myths suggest that an event occurred around 4,300 BP or so, which may have been the supercontinent breakup and the ensuing global flood. The flood laid down strata, some of which were raised up and folded during the impact shockwave/s, which became the mountain ranges.

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