Ideas for the QDL Interface
This folder is for new ideas on how the QDL interface could be better designed.
From the chatroom:
I have an image in my mind of a website with different rows. Each row shows a main-topic and a part of the sub-items. If you click on the row you go only one level deeper. But the row shows the subitems in slightly smaller rows of blocks, containing sub-items again. The rows show below the last changed items, so you can quickly spot what changes you might find interesting. Theories or topics might get different points. Like: interesting +, worth reading +, too vague -, a bit like: i agree/disagree, i like/dislike, but a bit more informatative and should give people positive feedback on their posts.
I didn't fully understand your intent, so I cut created these documents so we could flesh out the idea some more.

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