Total Simultaneity
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We are transforming the Many Worlds Interpretation (MWI) into Total Simultaneity (TS). The essential tool to experience reality is our Consciousness. Consciousness can be regarded as an (entangled) unification of two parts : the Non-Causal Consciousness (NCC) and the Causal Consciousness (CC). TS is the basket where ALL Eternal Now Moments (ENM's) of ALL possible universes are gathered as Availabilities An Infinite amount of YOU's is available. Matter and space/time, in this perception, is an illusion created by our consciousness. Our consciousness is actually the time-creator/traveler. The Big Bang is only one availability of time/life lines in TS. The explanation of wormholes for entangled particles and as connection between black holes is a vision that is inclining towards the TS perception where every space/time behind the Planck Wall is TS is "interconnected". Furthermore the newest results of experiments are indicating that digital black and/or white thinking is not valid for the explanation of deeper reality that is emerging from our consciousness. There are an infinite number of grey tones/scales in-between any two extremities. The non-algorithmic way of thinking will lead to the possibility of creating quantum-intelligence/consciousness. In our own "brain" neural coding and the quantum coherence in the micro-tubules are available for an eventual coupling with a Quantum Computer . This will open the way for the extension of our five senses and eventually the construction of an accessory that will enable "ENM-Hopping. Through this possibility our CC will become nearer to the NCC and eventually it can become a pure form of spirituality. Time-traveling is a concept that all in all means having the choice to make contact with "ENM's" in TS and so achieving realization of a new causal life-line.

'14-05-16, 23:29
St. Louis area

Interesting Ideas.

I have similar thoughts, but I think, although the universe exists within our consciousnesses, it may also exist beyond our consciousnesses, but in the form of consciousness. For example, photons and matter could be some sorts of units of consciousness.

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