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Something similar might have been observed previously, in two cases (2011-06-29 over Mexico, and 2011-08-25 over Peru), but no information other than the amateur videos has been located, so these objects have not been positively identified as bolides. Some of the cases reported as possible bolides were actually just vapor trails from commercial airliners.
And here's another one from 2003-01-28:
This might also help solve one of the riddles concerning the most famous bolide of all — the one that exploded over Tunguska, Siberia (1908-06-30). The effects of the airburst formed a butterfly shape, which has defied explanation in Newtonian terms.1 But if arc discharges were drilling in from the sides of the bolide, and both exploded at the same time, this is the pattern that would have been created.
Figure 1. Direction of shock wave from the airburst over Tunguska.



1. Boslough, M. B.; Crawford, D. A. (2008): Low-altitude airbursts and the impact threat. International Journal of Impact Engineering, 35 (12): 1441-1448

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