1. Universe Components & Forms
© Lloyd

The universe consists of motion & consciousness.

The forms of motion are: Galaxy clusters; Filaments; Voids.

Map of Local Universe: http://smithsonianscience.org/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/2MASS_LSS_chart-NEW-300x181.jpg

1a. Universe components    
1b. Universe forms    
2a. Galaxy clusters
2b. Filaments    
2c. Voids    
3. Galaxies
3a. H-I Neutral regions    
3b. H-II Charged regions    
3c. Nebulae    
3d. Exotic systems    
3e. Star clusters    
3f. Star systems    
4a. Exotic stars
4b. Stars
5. Planetoidals    
6a. Asteroid belts    
6b. Comets    
6c. Meteor streams    
6d. Planetary systems    
7a. Planets +moons
7b. Earth
8. Biosphere    
9a. Medium    
9b. Human society    
10. Human    
11a. Body    
11b. Consciousness    


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