Marines Corps Versus Graduate Degrees
© Jeffrey J Wolynski

Let me get one thing straight. The vast majority of establishment scientists do not understand what mental conditioning is. They think that their schooling and ideas are perfect, flawless, correct and that they are on the right path for the progess of humanity.  We have a problem though, it has spun wildly out of control. Their attitude towards their beliefs and ideas has gotten way out of hand. Those that have degrees and titles and seem to be authorities on the matter of what is correct and real concerning nature have been abusing their positions of power.

The best way I can explain this is this: In the Marines, we were told we were badass. Unstoppable. That the "terrorists" lived in other countries and that we must destroy them and all of their evil ways. I believed this. I thought I was a "freedom fighter". This is not true at all. I was a tool for a military industrial complex much larger than what I could perceive. I literally risked my balls for rich people's political and socio-economic gains.

In graduate school and college, people are told (who do science degrees) that their ways are perfect, their methods flawless, that if there was something to be known or understood, it would have already been figured out. A sort of pathological sense of omniscience becomes the name of the game, similar to the kind of mental conditioning I was conditioned to in the Marines (invincibility).

After I got out I realized I was not invincible. I bled. I suffered (am still suffering) a very bitter depression from unprogramming from the delusion of invincibility. It's a sort of cognitive dissonance if you will, experiencing pain and not believing that there is a problem. A complete denial of the human side of me, that I am fallible and that I can break and die.

On the other hand, graduate students of science are in a complete denial of the human side, that they could be completely hopelessly wrong about everything. They say, no, we would admit if we were wrong. The truth is that they don't. They plow through their degrees, agreeing nonstop just for approval, to get money, careers, grants, awards, positions at universities, etc. Standing up for what they believe is right is looked down upon, you have to first bow before the "gods" before you access the halls of cult science. The integrity is ripped out of their chests, and shit on by the peer reviewers. Those who have fresh new ideas are censored and ridiculed. Its like the Milgram Experiment on a vast scale. Convince people that they are right about everything and give them power and they will believe it and abuse it.

But science, true science is not a cult. It's just a method of inquiry. It incorporates valid philosophy and is self correcting. A real scientist does not need approval from the "gods" of establishment. They don't need to be peer reviewed to bring up valid points and share discovery. They can make discoveries of their own. Many scientists already realize this. Many scientists realized this many years ago, long before I was even born.

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