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It would seem that an interesting explanation to this two sun problem may have to do with certain electric/plasma universe theory in which Saturn was a red or brown dwarf star eons ago in the golden age. It has been proposed now by NASA scientist that the most favorable conditons of planet formation or at least life formation is a planet within the plasma glow of these stars. Planets have now been found in these. Thus imagine that Saturn was once a red*17050 dwarf earth in orbit around it and Saturn steady in the sky. This would perhaps leave the artic region constantly under frozen conditions but most of the earth basking in the red glow. Then either the saturn/earth system enterd the solar system with our sun and was "captured" or the sun was "formed" nearby by the controversial thoery of plasma Z-pinch effects which gave rise to the "squatter man" plasma instability in the sky for all cultures to carve in stone. This became the sun and it started attracting orbits of earth and saturn accordingly.

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