You Stupid Relativist
Type:    Electronic Citation
Title:    You Stupid Relativist
Author(s):    Gaede, B.
Abstract:    You Stupid Relativist . Com has the purpose of exposing Mathematical Physics for what it is: an irrational religion. The most natural place to start the discussion is by telling you a little bit about who these latter-day astrologers, alchemists, and Platonists are, what they believe in, and what they do. If you already had run-ins with relativists and know what I'm talking about, this site is designed to provide you with an arsenal of arguments that you can use to debunk their ideas in forums and FAQs. Let's see how much the bozos of the establishment really know and settle once and for all whether they have any authority to interpret the physical world for you.
Link (full):    http://www.youstupidrelativist.com/

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