Electric Levitation
© Charles Chandler
The Earth's fair weather field, at 100 V/m, constitutes a resting force that could be harnessed, to offset the force of gravity, thereby levitating the objects. Furthermore, the force is controllable. Electric lines of force intersect conductors at right angles. Therefore, the direction of the force acting on the conductor is a function of its geometry, which can be controlled.
In the following image, there is an electric field emanating from positive charges above. White denotes a stronger field, while green is weaker, and the lines represent the path that would be traveled by a test charge. Notice that the stronger lines are above the conductor, and perpendicular to it. So the net force applied to the conductor is upward.
But if we vary the geometry, we get lines in different directions. In the next image, more lines of force emanate from the lower side of the conductor, meaning a net downward force.
This means that a controllable lift could be achieved, by varying the geometry of the conductor.
How much force could be developed, and whether or not it could be used for anything, remains to be determined. It goes without saying that the conductor would have to be covered with a high-permittivity resistor, such that the electric field would shine through, and exert a force on the conductor, but no current could flow through the atmosphere to discharge the potentials (slowly or catastrophically).

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