Leonid electrophonic bursters
Type:    Journal, Article
Title:    Leonid electrophonic bursters
Author(s):    Beech, M.; Foschini, L.
Date:    2000/11/27
Abstract:    We investigate the conditions under which Leonid meteoroids might generate short duration (burster) electrophonic sounds. A "first order'' theory is employed to estimate the approximate electron number density in the meteoroid ablation column as a function of time. Using the threshold conditions discussed in an earlier communication (Beech & Foschini 1999) we find that Leonid meteoroids more massive than about 0.1 kg can potentially generate short duration electrophonic bursters.
Journal (full):    Astronomy & Astrophysics
Volume:    367
Start Page:    1056
End Page:    1060
Link:    http://www.aanda.org/index.php?option=com_article&access=standard&Itemid=129&url=/articles/aa/full/2001/09/aah2479/aah2479.html

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